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    The Botanicals Collection

    In a NUTSHELL ~


    Botanicals Home Décor Paint – brand description 


    The Botanicals are luscious and creamy paints inspired by the enchanting gardens of Europe. They are designed to bring a similar beauty into your lifestyle by enhancing your furniture, cabinets, and accessories with a gorgeous matt, chalky luster.


    These paints are incredibly easy to use, brilliantly versatile in application, and wonderfully durable.  Even if you have no experience, you can achieve a stunning array of custom finishes in your home.


    They flow beautifully, cover completely, sand like a dream for distressing and don't require wax to finish.


    The collection is water based, non-toxic, and perfect over any clean, dry, home surface such as wood (raw, painted, varnished), metal, glass, plastic, tile, masonry etc. with no stripping, sanding, or priming.

    So go ahead—have tons of fun and create something extraordinary.

    Please contact us at for pricing if you are interested in becoming a Botanicals Collection paint distributor. We do not wholesale paint on the site. We must verify each account. You can also contact our US distribution center at 866-620-0015. We will be more than happy to assist you.


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