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Metal Light Cage - Brass
$5.00Out of Stock
Jute Memory Shade
$38.00Out of Stock
The Nest Lamp Shade - X185LS
$32.00-$46.00Out of Stock
Domino Patch Shade - SPS1535
$32.00-$46.00Out of Stock
Industrial Bulb Cage - Black
$7.50Out of Stock
Chicken Wire Memory Shade - CWLS
$12.00-$42.00Out of Stock
Four Blue Birds Lamp Shade - LSR1
$32.00-$46.00Out of Stock
French Postcard Lamp Shade
$30.00-$46.00Out of Stock
Hook Lamp & Wire Shade Cage
$5.00-$25.00Out of Stock
Top Hat Lamp Shade - Large
$40.00-$60.00Out of Stock
11" Square Botanical Lamp Shade
$42.00Out of Stock
Oval Botanicals Lamp Shade
$38.00-$46.00Out of Stock
French Chair Rail Base & Large Oval Shade
$45.95-$59.95Out of Stock
Butterfly Iris 6" Lamp Shades
$24.00Out of Stock
Music Notes 6" Shade
$24.00Out of Stock
Botanical 6" Square Shade
$24.00Out of Stock
Carte Postale  6" Shades
$24.00Out of Stock
Chair Lamp Shade - 11", 13" & 15"
$10.00-$14.00Out of Stock
Blue Iris Lamp Shade - BOT35
$29.95-$41.95Out of Stock
Fleur De Lis Home Collection
$12.00-$38.00Out of Stock
Parisienne Home Collection
$11.00-$38.00Out of Stock
Eiffel Tower Home Collection
$7.50-$38.00Out of Stock
No.3 Home Collection
$10.00-$38.00Out of Stock
Bird Branch Home Collection
$7.50-$38.00Out of Stock
Embroidered Lamp Shade - EMLS
$30.00-$45.00Out of Stock

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