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    Monahan Papers > Pink/White Sea Urchin Place Card Holders

    Pink/White Sea Urchin Place Card Holders
    Pink/White Sea Urchins Place Card Holders 
     (Place Cards not included)

    A Great addition to a beach themed wedding or beach party. These are meant for place cards only. Approximately 1" - 2" .

    Fragile pink urchins, considered by many to be the most beautiful sea urchin because of their color, belong to a group of invertebrates called echinoderms, that is, spiny-skinned animals. They are related to sea stars, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers. Like their relatives, they are bottom dwellers and do not have a brain or a heart
    *** These are nature's creatures and as such each is unique. Please allow for slight variations in shape, size and color.

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