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Reproduction SOLID PEWTER French Feve's made from my original porcelain castings. The originals we cast were dated in the late 1800's and have been reproduced and aged in solid pewter. The patina and details are magnificent. They measure APPROXIMATELY .75" - 1.1" inches in size. These are not going perfect items but they are perfect for display, altered art, mixed media, jewelry making and so much more. 

A fève is a small trinket hidden in a king cake or similar dessert. They may also be known as trinkets or favors. The French word fève translates to 'fava bean', which is what was originally hidden in the cake. Modern fèves can be made out of other materials, such as porcelain or plastic, and can take varied shapes and forms. The themes of fève are very diverse and may include religious symbols, tools related to baking or even depictions of famous figures. Cakes with Fèves are found throughout Europe and the US and are particularly associated with Three Kings Day or Mardi Gras The person who finds the Fève usually is awarded special privileges or gifts for the day. Fèves have also become collectors items, and in France, their collectors are known as fabophiles or favophiles.

Each piece sold separately. You are purchasing ONE PEWTER Feve. 

Please note that you are buying a "Reproduction".

wholesale customers - minimum 12 per style


Woman with Fan $4.50
Queen Mother $4.50
Soldier Double $4.50
Child Double $4.50


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